Neurosurgery - Posterior Fossa Surgery

Posterior fossa surgery is a blanket term referring to surgery in the region of the skull housing the hindbrain (cerebellum) and brainstem, and therefore, strictly speaking, the term ‘posterior fossa surgery’ overlaps considerably with surgery of the skull base, cranio-vertebral junction, and surgery for facial pain. We mean it here to include only those intrinsic brain lesions of the cerebellum and brainstem that are not covered under the appropriate headings found elsewhere.

Intrinsic posterior fossa lesions include:

  • Metastases
  • Astrocytoma, glioblastoma
  • Medulloblastoma/ PNET
  • Pineal Region Tumors (e.g. germ cell tumors, and pineal parenchymal tumors)
  • Hemangioblastoma
  • Brainstem Cavernous Malformation