Audiology is a specialty that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders. Employing various testing strategies (e.g., hearing tests, otoacoustic emission measurements, auditory brainstem response, and videonystagmography), audiology aims to determine whether someone can hear within the normal range, and if not, what type and amount of hearing loss is present and what type of hearing aid can be used.

The House Clinic Audiology Department is composed of three branches: Diagnostic, Dispensing, and Cochlear Implant.

Our clinical armamentarium consists of highly sophisticated and specific clinical test modalities that provide accurate quantitative information regarding a patient’s hearing sensitivity. Others tests capitalize on specific auditory phenomena to provide differential diagnostic side-of-lesion information.

In addition to testing hearing, our audiologists also work with a wide range of clientele in rehabilitation (cochlear implants and/or hearing aids), pediatric populations and assessment of the vestibular system.