Conference and Lecture Schedule

The program provides the fellows opportunity to participate in numerous research conferences and didactic educational programs. A list of conferences can be found in Appendix II. The main didactic instruction is given through Journal Club participation and Friday morning conferences.

All fellows are required to attend the following conferences and didactic lectures:
Monday 6:00 PM Doctors' Discussion
Monday 7:45 AM Journal Club – Board Room, HEI Fth Floor
Friday 7:30 AM Grand Rounds – St. Vincent's MedCtr Cafeteria Conference Room A

The fellows' responsibility at the Friday morning conferences are as follows:
First Friday of the month – Fellow lecture
Second Friday of the month – Otoradiology (OtoRad) conference

Clinical fellows are responsible for returning the House Ear Clinic patient charts that were used at the OtoRad conference to the office.

Third Friday of the month – selected neurotology lecture by fellow, faculty or guest faculty. It is the fellows' responsibility to assign staff from the lecture outline in the back.

Fourth Friday of the month – Otoradiology Conference

Fifth Friday of the month – Pathology conference. It is the fellows' responsibility to coordinate with the neuropathologist the appropriate cases for presentation. This will be coordinated with the neurotology faculty. The Dr. Brackmann fellow is responsible for organization of the pathology conference.